Just yesterday we were informing you about Dogecoin being the second most traded cryptocurrency surpassing Litecoin. This is not true anymore as it’s being the most traded one right now wit volume over $19 000 000 for last 24 hours.

This rise in volume has also risen the value of Dogecoin up as 1000 DOGE is selling for 0.00239000 BTC as time of writing, which is almost 100% increase in price for last 8 hours.

Despite being one of the youngest cryptocurrencies on the crypto market, Dogecoin is slowly making it’s way to the top.

It was yesterday, when Dogecoin had than all cryptocurrencies combined and as of time of writing.

What is even more staggering is that transaction volume in dollars is even higher than market capitalization of the coin itself as you can see on the below screenshot.

This is truly amazing and it’s possible that it might have something to do with amazing Dogecoin community generously helping each other making this coin more valuable in a long run.

But today Dogecoin has broke another record passing one million dollars in daily trading volume for the first time which ranks it the third most traded cryptocurrency .

Dogecoin is stil a joke coin, but these numbers shows that it has a great potential to become one of the most valuable cryptocurrency right after their older brothers Bitcoin and Litecoin.

There are currently very few ways to buy Dogecoins and even less ways to do it quite easily. You can either buy Dogecoins with real money, or with another cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin.

Vault of Satoshi

was the very first market that allows you to trade Dogecoin for real money. It’s really convenient once you get your account verified, which might be bothersome for newcomers as it requires your scanned ID and proof of residence.


is one of the easiest ways to buy Dogecoin (and Bitcoin) online in the U.S. They provide varies payment options such as cash deposit, wire transfer, check and money order. It’s usually same day delivery once your payment is received. You can also visit their office in Santa Monica, CA to do the trade in person.


The easiest way to is on ebay. Just be careful and read item description for any requirements you have to meet before getting your dogecoins.

Reddit dogemarket

One of the things to do on is buying and selling Dogecoins for real money or other cryptocurrencies. But be careful with who you trade - not everybody is genuine even though reddit mods are trying to keep the place safe.


Are you Chinese? Then good for you. You can .

Buy with Cryptocurrencies

As I mentioned earlier it’s still quite difficult to buy dogecoins with real government issued money. But don’t worry, if you already own Bitcoins or possibly Litecoins you can use it to buy Dogecoins on so called markets or exchanges. If you don’t own any of the cryptocurrency I recommend you to and then transfer it to any of the following market:

  • (DOGE/BTC)
  • (DOGE/LTC)