After , sending Jamaican bobsled team and to 2014 winter olympics in Sochi or donating to Douglas County Dental Clinic, generous Dogecoin community had urge to help again.

The mission was to raise 20 000 000 dogecoins (more than $26 000 as time of writing) to donate to an amazing service that helps childrens with disabilities using trained dogs.

It only took 3 days for the Dogecoin community to raise the money for the kids which is amazing. Money will be used to cover the cost for that will then be sent to their new families to help those in needs.

But what can we learn from this continuous support of the Dogecoin community? Not only it attracts new subscribers to and the currency itself, but I think it sets the new path for Dogecoin, which might become the first fundrasing currency . If anyone asks you what differentiate Dogecoin from Bitcoin, you may already know the answer.

Jamaican Bobsled Team has , but they need money to cover their costs. Well, not anymore as , which is worth more than $30 000 (as time of writing) they needed.

Generous Dogecoin community has proven once again that there’s a strong chance that Dogecoin will succeed .

UPDATE 2014/01/20 @ 12:13 UTC :

Money and are being converted to BTC to make sure Jamaican team will get those $30 000.