Yesterday I found out about interesting project that quickly got my attention. It’s about young guy - Tim from Germany - wanting to get million euros so he can make his big dream come true. I got in touch with Tim and this is what he had to say.

I have always dreamed big. The urge to change the world and make it a better place is great inside me.

So many great ideas were and are in my mind. But there has always been an obstacle: “How am I gonna finance it?”

Then suddenly an idea popped into my mind: “What if I tell the world what my idea is and they decide if they like it and want to support me pursuing this dream?”

So I started a blog: “ The Millionaires Experiment . The idea is simple. Will people from all around the world donate 1,000,000 € to me and so make sure my idea, my change happens?”

There is the possibility to donate in any currency. Euro, Dollar, Bitcoin or Dogecoin . Every support is warmly welcomed.

Make sure to check out his page and find out more about and what he want’s to use the raised money for. I think it’s truly amazing that there are still people with such noble ideas. Wish you a good luck Tim!

Donate to his funding campgain on:
Donate Bitcoin to: 16pjgVx93w5C5DWwMeGnntzhGLQp3JwCpj
Donate Dogecoin to: DNQSPBNoKzoXwG4h8HKnE8Q18cSpDctJA6