For Dogecoin-qt wallet to function correctly a blockchain (list of all network transactions) has to be synchronized. This might be an issue for Dogecoin newcomers as it usually takes couple of hours to days to complete because the blocks are currently over 1.3GB in size.

There is however a small trick called bootstrap.dat file. This file will rapidly import initial blocks from a local file so you don’t have to slowly download it from random peers over the network.

In order to use bootstrap.dat your wallet needs to be unsynchronized . if you’re in middle of the process and you feel like it’s getting really slow you might delete already synchronized blocks and start all over again using the file. Be sure to first quit Dogecoin-qt.

For deleting blockhain go to application data folder on your operating system:

  • OSX: ~/Library/Application Support/Dogecoin/
  • Windows: %appdata%\Dogecoin\

and delete these two files (be sure not to delete wallet.dat!!! you might back it up before doing anything in this folder):



After you’ve downloaded bootstrap.dat file, put it in the application data folder above, start your Dogecoin-qt and watch it synchronize really fast.