Most of the cryptocurrencies enthusiasts don’t find any difficulties buying Dogecoin. They already own any of the available currency as Bitcoin, so they can trade it easily on cryptomarkets.

But newcomers might find really difficult to get on the train and buy some Dogecoins using currencies like dollar. They could either buy it on eBay which has been quite uncomfortable lately because of an eBay restrictions, or buy on numerous websites like from strangers which could be dangerous and cost you (lot of) money.

We’ve been waiting for a market that would overcome this issue for a long time, so we are really happy that the day has come. The has been trading BTC, LTC and PPC for US and Canadian dollar for quite some time, but finally they added Dogecoin support along with few other currencies as well.

The only limitation of buying Dogecoin for fiat currencies are money laundering regulations, which require you to verify your account . Those trading Bitcoin and Litecoin for “real” money are already used to these nasty government regulations, but newcomers might find it bothersome. In order to get verified you have to send your scanned ID along with proof of residence and then wait couple of hours (days) while it’s being reviewed by Vault of Satoshi stuff.

I hope this limitation will not stop you from getting to the moon. Happy trading!

Just yesterday we were informing you about Dogecoin being the second most traded cryptocurrency surpassing Litecoin. This is not true anymore as it’s being the most traded one right now wit volume over $19 000 000 for last 24 hours.

This rise in volume has also risen the value of Dogecoin up as 1000 DOGE is selling for 0.00239000 BTC as time of writing, which is almost 100% increase in price for last 8 hours.

It’s only five days when Dogecoin was the third most traded cryptocurrency on the market right after Bitcoin and Litecoin. From that time the trade volume has risen more than 5 times surpassing the volume of Litecoin making Dogecoin the second most traded cryptocurrency for the last 24 hours.

If the trend continues we might hit the moon pretty soon.

Yesterday I found out about interesting project that quickly got my attention. It’s about young guy - Tim from Germany - wanting to get million euros so he can make his big dream come true. I got in touch with Tim and this is what he had to say.

I have always dreamed big. The urge to change the world and make it a better place is great inside me.

So many great ideas were and are in my mind. But there has always been an obstacle: “How am I gonna finance it?”

Then suddenly an idea popped into my mind: “What if I tell the world what my idea is and they decide if they like it and want to support me pursuing this dream?”

So I started a blog: “ The Millionaires Experiment . The idea is simple. Will people from all around the world donate 1,000,000 € to me and so make sure my idea, my change happens?”

There is the possibility to donate in any currency. Euro, Dollar, Bitcoin or Dogecoin . Every support is warmly welcomed.

Make sure to check out his page and find out more about and what he want’s to use the raised money for. I think it’s truly amazing that there are still people with such noble ideas. Wish you a good luck Tim!

Donate to his funding campgain on:
Donate Bitcoin to: 16pjgVx93w5C5DWwMeGnntzhGLQp3JwCpj
Donate Dogecoin to: DNQSPBNoKzoXwG4h8HKnE8Q18cSpDctJA6

Despite being one of the youngest cryptocurrencies on the crypto market, Dogecoin is slowly making it’s way to the top.

It was yesterday, when Dogecoin had than all cryptocurrencies combined and as of time of writing.

What is even more staggering is that transaction volume in dollars is even higher than market capitalization of the coin itself as you can see on the below screenshot.

This is truly amazing and it’s possible that it might have something to do with amazing Dogecoin community generously helping each other making this coin more valuable in a long run.

But today Dogecoin has broke another record passing one million dollars in daily trading volume for the first time which ranks it the third most traded cryptocurrency .

Dogecoin is stil a joke coin, but these numbers shows that it has a great potential to become one of the most valuable cryptocurrency right after their older brothers Bitcoin and Litecoin.