Most of the cryptocurrencies enthusiasts don’t find any difficulties buying Dogecoin. They already own any of the available currency as Bitcoin, so they can trade it easily on cryptomarkets.

But newcomers might find really difficult to get on the train and buy some Dogecoins using currencies like dollar. They could either buy it on eBay which has been quite uncomfortable lately because of an eBay restrictions, or buy on numerous websites like from strangers which could be dangerous and cost you (lot of) money.

We’ve been waiting for a market that would overcome this issue for a long time, so we are really happy that the day has come. The has been trading BTC, LTC and PPC for US and Canadian dollar for quite some time, but finally they added Dogecoin support along with few other currencies as well.

The only limitation of buying Dogecoin for fiat currencies are money laundering regulations, which require you to verify your account . Those trading Bitcoin and Litecoin for “real” money are already used to these nasty government regulations, but newcomers might find it bothersome. In order to get verified you have to send your scanned ID along with proof of residence and then wait couple of hours (days) while it’s being reviewed by Vault of Satoshi stuff.

I hope this limitation will not stop you from getting to the moon. Happy trading!