When I first heard about Dogecoin in the beginning of December I was like “ meh, another useless cryptocurrency ”. Then I heard about it couple of days later and the price on ebay was over 1000% higher . It instantly got my attention so I bought tons of coins to sell it later with huge profit, because I still couldn’t see any real value behind it. After some time I found out about and it all started.

I’ve never seen such generous and fast growing community anywhere on the internet. First tipping bots have been quickly developed to tip other reddit users that help others with their knowledge or users that are not that lucky to have much coins. Main tipping bot - , with more than 28 000 tips. such tips. many doges. wow

On Christmas Day from friendly shibes as one of the online wallet was hacked and many thought it was over for Dogecoin. Instead of getting doge souls broken community got together and .

After this act of kindness Dogecoin services has started to emerge despite the price decline and which caused lot of troubles. Many people and small companies started to accept Dogecoin as a payment method for their businesses. Not only that but few non-profit organizations that help other people or animals accept Dogecoins as well.

One, that got my attention today is in Kansas. Not only because they help low-income people in needs, but because it’s only 3 days after they’ve announced accepting Dogecoins donations and they’ve already got more than 270 000 Dogecoins . It might not be lot in dollars, but it only shows how caring is the Dogecoin community. This is one of the reasons I think not only will Dogecoin succeed, but will change the way people use the internet .