It’s only five days when Dogecoin was the third most traded cryptocurrency on the market right after Bitcoin and Litecoin. From that time the trade volume has risen more than 5 times surpassing the volume of Litecoin making Dogecoin the second most traded cryptocurrency for the last 24 hours.

If the trend continues we might hit the moon pretty soon.

Jamaican Bobsled Team has , but they need money to cover their costs. Well, not anymore as , which is worth more than $30 000 (as time of writing) they needed.

Generous Dogecoin community has proven once again that there’s a strong chance that Dogecoin will succeed .

UPDATE 2014/01/20 @ 12:13 UTC :

Money and are being converted to BTC to make sure Jamaican team will get those $30 000.

This update fixes bug that has crashed application while trying to encrypt your wallet. Be sure to update and encrypt the wallet asap.

Ever wonder why some users have Dogecoin address with custom prefix like “ DSuch WkYzaZzKyvptK8VTyWi42bNUmdpzq” ? There’s a well known algorithm to generate Dogecoin addresses in general, therefore it’s really easy to give yourself a prefix and generate the remaining part accordingly. Well, not that easy though as you need some computing power to do that. Such generated address is called a vanity address .

For generating a Dogecoin vanity address we’ll use handy tool called vanitygen which can also be used for generating addresses for other cryptocurrencies.

If you use Windows, you can directly . If you use Mac or Linux you have to .

After you have your vanitygen ready let’s go straight to generating address by starting console with admin privileges and typing the following command. Let’s say we want address starting with DSuch prefix. Of course you can use any prefix you want that consists of alpha numeric characters . The longer prefix you use, the more time it takes to generate it though.

vanitygen64.exe -X 30 DSuch

Note that dogecoin address have to start with capital D letter. If you use 32 bit system use this command instead:

vanitygen.exe -X 30 DSuch

Let it burn your CPU for a while and tadaaa, your public and private key is ready.

There’s also possibility to generate vanity address using your graphics card which is usually much more faster:

oclvanitygen.exe -X 30 -d 0 DSuch

Then just import the private key to your wallet and you are ready to use it.

Be sure not to give your private key to anyone!

If you use more than one computer you might find yourself in situation where your Dogecoin wallets don’t use the same addresses. To solve this issue you have to import your private key to each wallet where you want your address to be used.

First open up your console:

Go to Help -> click Debug window -> click Console tab

Then start typing following commands. If your wallet is encrypted please unlock it first:

walletpassphrase <your password> 500

Then dump private key from the public key (your wallet address) that you use on the computer:

dumpprivkey <your address>

Copy the private key and import it:

importprivkey <your dumped private key>

Wait for couple of minutes to synchronize with network and it’s done.

Don’t worry about the error as I’ve already imported my key before.