Dogecoin co-founder Billy Markus has written an open letter to the community. Enjoy.

Dear Community,

This currency is only 2 months old, and already an amazing amount of things have happened. Right now we are coming off the most exciting times in Dogecoin’s short history, and what I personally think is the most wonderful thing we have done, which is help fund the Doge4Kids charity. There is absolutely no way I could have foreseen any of this happening when I threw together the client code for this coin on a late Friday night. Amazing kudos to /u/ummjackson , /u/Laika1954 , /u/NeutralityMentality , , /u/mohland , and countless others for putting so much work and energy into making things happen and getting us to where we are.

The reason I am making this post is because this is such a high time in the community, and I have no way of knowing how transient this all may be. I’m a lifelong gamer – I’ve seen communities rise and fall around all sorts of games as the novelty wore off. My first 2 months playing World of Warcraft was the absolute best gaming experience of my life, and even outside of the game that people poured their time into it – people were making beautiful art, funny comics, hilarious and entertaining videos in abundance, the community was excited at everything…and I watched that community slowly change to one of complaining and obsession, gear scores and egos, and completely lose track of why the game was enjoyable in the first place. The first year of Starcraft II was so full of optimism and excitement, and as time wore on the community has moved toward drama and stagnation (though it seems to be on an upswing now!). It’s happened in most communities, but not all communities. It’s organic for communities to rise and create massive excitement at times, and go through lulls other times. But if it’s worthwhile, people will continue to work to make it great.

There are two things I wish for. One is I would like everyone to remember this moment . Remember when the popularity of Dogecoin was rising so incredibly quickly, when the community banded together to help send the Jamaican bobsled team to the Olympics, when 300+ people came together in New York to celebrate the coin, when people made 75 amazing videos for a video contest with awesome songs and great animations, when the community funded service dogs to help children in need. No matter how transient it all is, my hope is that Dogecoin will always be remembered fondly.

The second thing is I want everyone to know how important they are to the community. Cryptocurrency is incredibly volatile and changes happen incredibly quickly – I’ve only been with it for 8 months, and I’ve already seen countless massive swings that can trigger all sorts of emotions. This is why it’s incredibly important to me that the community can maintain the levity, fun, and good nature which is what makes Dogecoin worthwhile in the first place.

The moment that people stop trying to participate in making positive things happen and start complaining that others need to do things for them is the moment a community starts to get sick . When no one is trying to make things happen and everyone is complaining that others do those things for them, that is when a community dies. Let’s not let that happen.
Dogecoin is meant to be a fun cryptocurrency, one that encourages people to tip and to learn and teach this technology. It also, like every cryptocurrency, can have a maddeningly capricious nature. The novelty will not last forever, but if you want the community to last, that is where you come in. Stay positive. Keep doing awesome things. Lead by example. No matter what happens, never lose sight of the things that make Dogecoin worthwhile for you.

So enjoy this moment. Remember it, and cherish it. You made this happen. Keep it up.

Thank you all for being a part of this magnificent community,

Billy Markus

After , sending Jamaican bobsled team and to 2014 winter olympics in Sochi or donating to Douglas County Dental Clinic, generous Dogecoin community had urge to help again.

The mission was to raise 20 000 000 dogecoins (more than $26 000 as time of writing) to donate to an amazing service 4 Paws for Ability that helps childrens with disabilities using trained dogs.

It only took 3 days for the Dogecoin community to raise the money for the kids which is amazing. Money will be used to cover the cost for new puppies and adult dogs that will then be sent to their new families to help those in needs.


But what can we learn from this continuous support of the Dogecoin community? Not only it attracts new subscribers to Dogecoin subreddit and the currency itself, but I think it sets the new path for Dogecoin, which might become the first fundrasing currency . If anyone asks you what differentiate Dogecoin from Bitcoin, you may already know the answer.

Most of the cryptocurrencies enthusiasts don’t find any difficulties buying Dogecoin. They already own any of the available currency as Bitcoin, so they can trade it easily on cryptomarkets.

But newcomers might find really difficult to get on the train and buy some Dogecoins using currencies like dollar. They could either buy it on eBay which has been quite uncomfortable lately because of an eBay restrictions, or buy on numerous websites like reddit from strangers which could be dangerous and cost you (lot of) money.

We’ve been waiting for a market that would overcome this issue for a long time, so we are really happy that the day has come. The Vault of Satoshi has been trading BTC, LTC and PPC for US and Canadian dollar for quite some time, but finally they added Dogecoin support along with few other currencies as well.

Vault of Satoshi announcing Dogecoin

The only limitation of buying Dogecoin for fiat currencies are money laundering regulations, which require you to verify your account . Those trading Bitcoin and Litecoin for “real” money are already used to these nasty government regulations, but newcomers might find it bothersome. In order to get verified you have to send your scanned ID along with proof of residence and then wait couple of hours (days) while it’s being reviewed by Vault of Satoshi stuff.

I hope this limitation will not stop you from getting to the moon. Happy trading!

Just yesterday we were informing you about Dogecoin being the second most traded cryptocurrency surpassing Litecoin. This is not true anymore as it’s being the most traded one right now wit volume over $19 000 000 for last 24 hours.

Dogecoin the most traded cryptocurrency

This rise in volume has also risen the value of Dogecoin up as 1000 DOGE is selling for 0.00239000 BTC as time of writing, which is almost 100% increase in price for last 8 hours.

For Dogecoin-qt wallet to function correctly a blockchain (list of all network transactions) has to be synchronized. This might be an issue for Dogecoin newcomers as it usually takes couple of hours to days to complete because the blocks are currently over 1.3GB in size.

There is however a small trick called bootstrap.dat file. This file will rapidly import initial blocks from a local file so you don’t have to slowly download it from random peers over the network.

In order to use bootstrap.dat your wallet needs to be unsynchronized . if you’re in middle of the process and you feel like it’s getting really slow you might delete already synchronized blocks and start all over again using the file. Be sure to first quit Dogecoin-qt.

For deleting blockhain go to application data folder on your operating system:

  • OSX: ~/Library/Application Support/Dogecoin/
  • Windows: %appdata%\Dogecoin\

and delete these two files (be sure not to delete wallet.dat!!! you might back it up before doing anything in this folder):



After you’ve downloaded bootstrap.dat file, put it in the application data folder above, start your Dogecoin-qt and watch it synchronize really fast.